It’s a mountain biker’s creepiest nightmare - a spine injury is about the worst thing that can happen to you out there. Why? While other injuries only affect one area of the body, a broken spine can paralyze you for good. Broken vertebrae can result in serious damage or even death. Alan Selby suffered fatal injuries during a motocross race. Right next to the racetrack, however, was Dr. Chris Leatt. And he decided that things can't go on like this!

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Things to know about Leatt

MX and MTB racing means high speeds on unpaved terrain – minor bruises and scratches are unavoidable, but more serious injuries are unfortunately also part of a biker’s daily business. 

First there was a tragedy...

Alan Selby lost his life on the MX racetrack in 2001. He was a friend of Chris Leatt’s son. The incident occurred only a week after Leatt, the younger, started motocross racing, but after the accident his father put a quick end to his son's top-speed dreams. The experience, however, was reason enough for the father to start developing his first neck brace. 

... and then more safety!

After about three years, the first Leatt neck brace hit the stores in South Africa in 2004. The first products, however, were only available for motorcyclists. A few years later, Leatt introduced the DBX Neck Brace System, the first neck protector designed specifically for mountain bikers. In 2005, the company Leatt was officially founded, the company’s headquarters still are in Cape Town, South Africa. 

Leatt stands for brilliant safety equipment

One of the very first cooperation partners proves how serious the Leatt’s founder was about improving safety on two wheels with well-founded basic research. Together with none other than BMW, a technology was developed that allows crash tests to be carried out on an unrestrained dummy (until then, crash tests only worked for dummies resembling car drivers with their seat belts fastened). In 2008, Leatt established its own testing lab to develop and perfect its products. Today, the brand name stands for safety in cycling and motorcycling. With many other protectors for back, knee, hip or chest, Leatt equips leisure and pro riders all over the world. Apart from neck braces, helmets play a big role in Leatt’s portfolio. 

Leatt’s body armor

Protectors must of course, on one hand, protect your body. On the other hand, they should not be too tight, pinch or restrict your freedom of movement. Leatt provides many different protectors that are perfectly tailored to the needs of different MTB disciplines and riders. Like Airflex Pro knee guards that are particularly light and flexible and thus perfect for the all-mountain riders. Airflex Pro knee pads are particularly lightweight, flexible and highly breathable. Combined knee and shin guard EXT is suitable for downhill and freeride. The guards made of soft 3DF foam are equipped with a hardshell top layer that provides additional protection against blows from sharp rocks. Cooling, quick-drying material MoistureCool wicks away moisture and silicone laminations keep your guards in place. Of course, you can buy Leatt's knee and shin guards in different sizes, so a good fit is guaranteed.

Leatt helmets and neckbraces for MTB

They are lightweight, compatible with your neck brace and of course super-safe, Leatt's helmets are some of the best available. The great wearing comfort and low weight also really contradict any argument that hard-boiled non-wearers could come up with! You get magnetic snaps that you can easily operate even with cycling gloves on, the inner lining of the bike helmets can be removed and washed. Leatt’s MTB helmets are well ventilated, so even under a big full-face helmet there will always be enough fresh air. There are also a lot of accessories, replacement visors, spare screws or compatible hydration systems. Do you need the matching glasses to go with your MTB helmet? Leatt also supplies those! You can order a winter kit that reduces the ventilation of the helmet during the cold season and thus provides more warmth.

Leatt is of course still mostly famous for its neck braces. The latest DBX neck protectors are said to improve the chances of getting away without damage in an accident by a whopping 47%.

In addition to all the body armor, the south african brand also offers bike clothing such as jerseys, bike shorts (with or without integrated padding) or functional, waterproof biking jackets. In our Leatt brand store you can buy the excellent neck braces, gloves, goggles, bike jackets, knee pads or safety jackets. We’d be happy to outfit you with the bike to match too, of course!